This is an integral and modern complex for active leisure, sports and wellness designed on the side of the oldest Ąžuolynas Park in Europe, in the very heart of the city and in the cultural heritage territory. The Ąžuolynas Wellness Center not only fits perfectly in the surrounding urban, historical and natural environment, yet is also exceptionally functional and adapted to wellness and medical services. The philosophy of the building itself and the activities developed in it is inspired by the environment, which promotes wellness and dictates the harmony prevailing in nature.


During the implementation of the project, all hundred-year-old oaks belonging to the territory of the Ąžuolynas Park were preserved. They tasked the architects with appropriate solutions that allowed the old oaks blending into the building’s entirety. The concave structure of the building overtakes and seems to embrace the hundred-year-old oaks growing nearby so that they become part of the building.

A closer look

This building is like a modern response to the interwar modernism style of the Lithuanian Sports University located opposite. It has similar building proportions, facades and finishing materials. The facade of the three-story building of the new complex is divided by aluminum verticals, which are separated by glass planes. The almost transparent lower part of the building is designed to create the effect of a lighter volume, as if suspended in the air. This is a modern interpretation of previous architectural solutions and the surrounding environment. Particular attention was paid to the quality of the building and the careful selection of long-lasting materials.